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Cellfina: A New Solution for Cellulite

A Customer’s Perspective

Some say women are better at multitasking, have more finely-tuned senses and are more emotionally connected to the world around us. Unfortunately, we’re also more prone to cellulite. We’ve become accustomed to taking the good with the bad, but what if we didn’t have to?

Now there’s an FDA-approved, minimally-invasive procedure called Cellfina that is revolutionizing the way we approach cellulite. As someone whose dimply rump has made me susceptible to the empty promises of countless topical creams, magic pills and camouflaging spray tans, news of an FDA-cleared cellulite solution seemed like a godsend. I had to try it! But first I did some research.

Why Us?

While a small percentage of men have cellulite, it is mostly a problem that affects women (about 90% of us!). According to WebMD, cellulite is the fat under the skin that puckers as it pushes against connective tissue. While women only have vertical connective tissue, men have connective tissue that’s thicker and forms a crisscross pattern, holding fat in place and preventing puckering. Cellulite is a secondary sexual characteristic like our breasts, so it’s literally part of what makes us women.

Why Me?

There are many factors that can contribute to cellulite development, including poor diet, lack of physical activity and hormonal changes. However, cellulite is also hereditary and, yes, even thin people can get it. As someone who exercises regularly and eats a healthy diet, I was always frustrated that there seemed to be nothing I could do to reduce my dimples. As for many women, my cellulite seems to be genetic. Thanks, mom and dad!

What is Cellfina?

Cellfina was first approved by the FDA in 2014 to help reduce the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. Cellfina works by releasing the fibrous bands under the skin known as septae that can pull down skin and create dimpling. After anesthetizing the area, the physician inserts a tiny needle into the skin to cut the fibrous bands of connective tissue. Once the bands have been severed, the skin has a smooth appearance.

The procedure takes about an hour and since the needle used to release the fibrous bands is so tiny, there is no scarring and minimal downtime. Some bruising, swelling and soreness are common in the treated areas. The results last for at least two years, but experts say they can last much longer. Once the fibrous bands are released, they don’t appear to grow back and reform.

My Cellfina Experience

Having done my research on cellulite and Cellfina, I felt confident that this was my path to cellulite salvation. I called Dr. Anderson’s office and scheduled my consultation and appointment for Cellfina. Adios, cottage cheese!

When the day finally arrived, I took one last look at my tush in the mirror, and headed over to Dr. Anderson’s office. When I arrived, the female staff seemed just as excited for me as I was. There was a collective sense of understanding and optimism. With knowing nods and smiles, I walked into the exam room where I undressed.

Circles were drawn around each dimple with a marker (I had about 20). With the culprits identified, Dr. Anderson began the process of numbing each area. This was mildly uncomfortable. I’d give it a four out of ten, but luckily it didn’t take very long. After that, each dimple was suctioned and Dr. Anderson inserted the tiny needle into the skin to cut the fibrous bands. There was no discomfort at all during this part of the procedure.

After the procedure, I was instructed to wear a compression garment for 48 hours. There was minor discomfort and tenderness in the area, which dissipated within a few days. The bruising stayed a bit longer, but faded after about a week.

I am beyond thrilled with my results (see my pics below). My cellulite has disappeared and my bum is smooth and sexy. Cellulite has been a formidable opponent of mine for many years, but thanks to Cellfina and Dr. Anderson, I finally have the upper hand.

Are you interested in being dimple-free? Contact Dr. Anderson at 817-810-0770 to schedule your free consultation today.

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