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Turn Back the Hands of Time: Hand Rejuvenation at Anderson MedSpa

Did you know that the skin on your hands ages faster than the skin on your face?

If you don’t want your hands to betray your age, consider our Hand Rejuvenation Package, complete with IPL and Pixel laser treatments for improving color and texture and Radiesseinjectable filler for fullness. We’ve seen incredible results with our patients.

Because the skin on our hands is thin and often exposed to the elements, our hands can age more quickly than the rest of our bodies, and many people forget to protect and nourish their hands by using sunscreen and moisturizing creams. Over the years, a breakdown in collagen and elastin, coupled with sun damage, can result in thin, wrinkly, crepe-like texture with brown spots and pronounced veins and tendons.

Our Hand Rejuvenation Package addresses these concerns, revealing firmer, fuller, more youthful-looking hands in under two hours.

What are the benefits?

Our Hand Rejuvenation Package helps with the following concerns:

  • Improve texture
  • Reduce brown spots
  • Plump skin to minimize veins/tendons

Injecting Radiesse filler

Before and After

Post-injection massage

How does it work?

The package consists of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Pixel laser treatments to improve pigmentation and texture, followed two weeks later by an injection of Radiesse filler for firmness and fullness. The laser treatments combined take only 45 minutes, while the injection takes just 30 minutes. After the laser treatment, some patients may experience slight swelling, redness and flaking, much like a mild sunburn, which goes away within a week. The treatments are very tolerable, often described as a one or two on the pain scale, though patients can request to be numbed if they experience any discomfort.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Anyone with wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation or thinness on the hands is a great candidate for this treatment.

Contact us today to learn more or schedule your appointment.

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